‍‍‍Clan Lab Testing Limited Terms and Conditions:

This agreement forms a contract between the client (you), and Clan Lab Testing Limited.

By accepting our terms and conditions you agree to:

1.     The fact you are legally entitled to allow entry into the house by clan lab testing limited, by way of the fact you are either the home owner, an agent acting on behalf and with the authority of the home owner, a property manager or person acting with the authority of a property manager.

2.     Allow a member of Clan Lab Testing Limited to gain access to the property and inside all buildings located on the property for the purpose of conducting testing services.

3.     Advise clan lab testing limited of any potential hazards and threats, known or perceived, that may affect the health and safety of any employee of clan lab testing limited. This includes such things as chemical spillages, structural issues, dangerous animals, contamination in any form, as an example.

Assurance Testing:

1.     Understand that between eight and ten samples will be taken from within the buildings located on the property (unless otherwise discussed prior to testing).

2.     Clan Lab Testing Limited will also take photographs of the testing site, recording these details to assist in repeat testing at the exact or as near to the exact same location as previous tests. Although we strive to be as standard as possible with our testing to maintain and ensure consistent results, there will be times when minor differences will occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

3.     A variety of construction materials are included in the testing regime, due to the varying nature of chemical absorption and therefore chemical leeching from those construction materials.

4.     A small sample is taken from each high use area, and placed into a single laboratory test. Thereby the result is a cumulative test, and the resulting figure is divided by the number of samples. E.G. A total methamphetamine result of 1.0mcg/100cm2 with 8 room samples added to achieve that result, mean that 1.0mcg of methamphetamine is divided by 8, equalling an average across the house of 0.125mcg/100cm2.

5.     Within 30 days of receiving the results of your Assurance test you decide whether to have each sample individually tested. The laboratory will retain the samples for only 30 days due to space available. Therefore there is a small window of opportunity to seek detailed testing of as many of the samples as you wish without the need for clan lab testing limited to revisit the home for further testing services.

6.     Assurance testing is only completed through an accredited laboratory, and the methods used are compliant with NIOSH and NZ standards.

7.     Clan Lab Testing limited work to maintain integrity within the methamphetamine sampling procedures to ensure results are as accurate as possible and will withstand judicial scrutiny into the methods used resulting in test results that may form the basis of important life decisions.

8.     It is recommended that if you have a positive test result from the Assurance test, that Clan Lab Testing Limited return to the dwelling and conduct detailed testing. Therefore the eight samples held by the laboratory should be tested. We also recommend up to three individual samples per room in the dwelling, testing varied construction materials, to fully establish the level of contamination across a range of construction materials, as not all construction materials will absorb harmful chemicals evenly, therefore leeching of harmful chemicals varies greatly across the range of construction chemicals within your home.

NZ Standards -NZS8510:

1.     The current level of methamphetamine contamination considered by NZ Standards as an acceptable standard for a dwelling house in New Zealand is 1.5µg/100cm2 for high use areas and 3.8µg/100cm2 for limited use areas.

High Use Area - An area in a property that can easily be accessed and is regularly used by adults and children.

Limited-use Area - An area that is likely to be accessed only by adults and for short periods of time. This includes crawl spaces and wall cavities not used as duct runs that are unlikely to be renovated.

2.     Clan Lab testing limited will not give advice that contravenes governmentally accepted healthy guidelines and limits.

3.     Methamphetamine levels may change at any time. Advice given regarding levels and results through communication and reports is valid until the date of any governmentally accepted levels change.

4.     The day in which the sample is taken from the address is classed as day one. Every effort will  be made to get results back from the laboratory by the end of business on day 3, however as Clan Lab Testing Limited are unable to control third party activities any delay by third parties are outside control and Clan Lab Testing Limited cannot be held liable for those delays.


1.     You will ensure that the dwelling and surrounding grounds within the property boundary are safe and available for full inspection by Clan Lab Testing Limited to allow full access to areas that require testing.

2.     All occupants shall be out of the dwelling at the time of testing, or else every effort is made to make the house empty for testing.

3.     Dangerous animals will not be present on the property at any time during the testing visit to the dwelling.

4.     Any health and safety concerns or issues will be highlighted to Clan Lab Testing Limited prior to arrival, and if you attend the dwelling while testing occurs you will reiterate any and all health and safety concerns that exist.

5.     Clan Lab Testing Limited will provide a step ladder as required for the purpose of access construction materials for testing purposes.


1.     Results of testing will be provided to you in writing, and can either be emailed to you or posted. Clan Lab Testing Limited default communication medium is electronic email, if you require written responses please clearly outline this to Clan Lab Testing Limited early.


2.     Clan Lab Testing Limited provides two initial options for testing, Indication and Assurance.

3.     These two tests are not definitive costs for full testing.

4.     Indication is a Field composite test, which will indicate if methamphetamine is or is not present in a house. This method is compliant with NZS8510 Testing standards.

5.     Assurance is a Laboratory composite test, endorsed by Clan Lab Testing Limited preferred laboratory, and meets NIOSH911 and NZ Standard testing guidelines and the results of this test are therefore evidential and can be submitted in evidence at a judicial inquiry if need be.

6.     In the case of positive methamphetamine test results, further testing will be required to establish the full extent of contamination within the dwelling to establish true contamination levels and whether remediation work is required to make the dwelling safe for human habitation. Clan Lab Testing Limited will discuss results with interested parties and quote on further testing regimes to provide assurance to interested parties.

7.     Clan Lab Testing Limited have no connection to remediation companies in that Clan Lab Testing Limited do not have agreements to trade, refer, or suggest remediation companies, nor do Clan Lab Testing Limited receive any form of financial reward for the recommendation or suggestion that certain remediation companies should be used over another. We will strive to assess the authenticity of remediation companies, and will provide a selection of companies for a client to choose from, that Clan Lab Testing Limited feel are reliable and can be trusted, as far as Clan Lab Testing Limited have been able to ascertain through reputation, standard of work, knowledge and customer focus.


1.     Please pay in full your invoiced amount within seven business days of the testing being completed at the invoiced dwelling.

2.     Any queries on quotes should be completed prior to testing works being completed. Once testing is completed based on quoted prices, Clan Lab Testing Limited will deem you to have agreed to the costs stipulated on the quote at the time of testing.

3.     All costs incurred in the recovery of overdue funds including but not limited to debt recovery costs and legal fees may be added to the balance of your account.


1.     Cancellations of Clan Lab Testing Limited service within 24hrs of previously agreed to service will incur a 50% cancellation fee. This fee is based on the original quoted price.

2.     Cancellations of Clan Lab Testing Limited service between 24hr and 48hrs notice of previously agreed to service will incur a 25% cancellation fee. This fee is based on the original quoted price.

3.     Cancellations made with more than 48hrs notice will incur no financial penalty to you.

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