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Do you own an investment property or are you a property manager wanting to protect your landlords asset?‍‍‍

We recommend‍‍‍ an Initial Screening Test to establish if meth contamination is present in the property

We have two options to select from our Indication Test or Assurance Test (Stage 1) depending on our customers requirements.

No ‍‍‍known concerns or indications of meth contamination? We recommend our Indication Test

If you have known concerns or any possible indication meth contamination maybe present? We recommend our Assurance Test (Stage 1)

‍‍‍Indication Test (R‍‍‍esults within 3 business days)

Indication Test (Next b‍‍‍usiness day)

‍‍‍Assurance Test (Results within 3 business days)

Assurance Test (Next b‍‍‍usiness day)