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We have over 24 years combined police experience at Clan Lab Testing Ltd and have seen too many properties affected by methamphetamine contamination. We understand the emotional, financial and physical impact this has on property owners/investors/landlords and tenants.

Whether you are purchasing your own property or an investment property we highly recommend that a meth test is carried out as part of your due diligence on the property before purchase.

Ways to reduce methamphetamine risk in your investment property.

  • Be proactive - Choose your tenants carefully, get background checks completed before they sign an agreement.
  • Get your home tested now! To establish a baseline before purchase or before tenants move in. Tell your tenants a test has been done and the result.
  • Regularly monitor the state of your asset through regular testing to provide assurance to both landlord and tenant.
  • Appoint a property manager that will work hard to protect your asset.
  • Completing thorough and regular property inspections.
  • Protect your asset! Prevention is cheaper than a cure.

Book A TEST 

Book A TEST 

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